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Howl of a Thousand Winds

A new horror novel
by Morris Workman

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#1 Sunbury Press Bestseller

"Howl of a Thousand Winds"
by Morris Workman

Another powerful snowstorm is moving across the country, once again triggering news reports of death and destruction in its wake -- a grieving young woman is found dead in the woods; a disabled fireman mysteriously dies in his back yard.  But is it Mother Nature taking lives...or something more sinister?

For Brad Connerman, a list-making insurance agent whose world is already spiraling downward, the terrifying answer may cost him a friend, along with everything he thought he knew about death and what lies beyond.

Meanwhile, AP reporter Micah Roaz searches for the truth in a cross-country journey that will force him to reconcile the ancient myths of his rejected Native American heritage with surprising clues offered by modern science.

Both men will soon face their own mortality.

And what comes with the snows...

"Morris Workman's first novel is sure to thrill -- and chill... a force to be reckoned with!...It is one beast of a tale."  -Sunbury Press

Howl of a Thousand Winds was the number one best seller on the Sunbury Press Bestseller List for the second month in a row!

"Howl of a Thousand Winds, novelist Morris Workman's debut horror novel, took the top spot in print thanks to advance sales."  -PR Log  

See Morris talk about his new novel "Howl of a Thousand Winds" with Mesquite Citizen Journal editor Barbara Ellestad.




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Mesquite Citizen Journal editor Barbara Ellestad interviews Morris about his Nevada Press Association awards and his plans for the future.
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