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Through the month of November, specially marked "Where's Workman?" cards will be hidden in various locations around Mesquite.

One could be on a shelf of canned goods in a grocery store, tucked into the pages of a magazine in a doctor's office, or placed near the salt shaker in a local restaurant. 

On the back of the winning cards will be a prize number.  Once you find one, log onto www.MorrisWorkman.com and fill out the Prize form.

You can also sign up to receive hints as to where a winning card might be hidden.

Click here for Prize form


So, Where IS Workman?
  Why he is no longer the
       Editor at the newspaper

More Where's Workman Fun
Can you find Workman
       among the photos?
       Download and print
       the free poster!
       (Requires Adobe Reader)

"Where's Workman?" Rules

Workman Wins Seven Nevada Press Association Awards
The Nevada Press Association held their annual awards banquet in Virginia City on Oct. 15.  During that awards ceremony, it was announced that former Mesquite editor Morris Workman won seven first-place awards, including the "Freedom of the Press"...  (Click Here for the rest of the story).
MesquiteCitizen.com Profiles Workman Wins At NPA
Barb Ellestad of the Mesquite Citizen Journal, Mesquite's newest and best news source, captures an exclusive interview with former editor Morris Workman after winning seven Nevada Press Association awards.  The story, which includes videos of the interview, is at www.MesquiteCitizen.com.

"Where's Workman?" Winners:

Cliff Large
Found winning card at Nevada State Bank

You could be next!